Bulk bag filling and discharge styles

Here is a selection of the bulk bag styles we currently provide. If you are looking for something more specific, we can also source products. Contact us for more information on product sourcing.

Open top bulk bag liverpool bulk bags uk tonne bag

Open top and flat bottom

The open-top bulk bag is a quick-filling solution, which is ideal for plant use. It’s commonly used for building materials and scrap products.

tie flap bulk bags liverpool uk bulk bag

Tie-down flap

Ideal for quick-filling applications, the tie-down flap allows for rapid fill whilst allowing the load to be securely transported and stored.

Skirt top bulk bags liverpool ukb ulk bag FIBC

Skirt top

Another popular choice for quick-filling applications, the bag top opens and extrudes outwards to allow for filling; the top can then be tied to ensure the load is securely contained.

Inlet Top Spout bulk bags liverpool bulk bag FIBC

Inlet spout top

This is a great solution for those requiring a constant flow. The cone top can be attached to pipes or filling spouts to prevent dusting and loss. Once the FIBC is full, the spout can be tied to secure the product.

Bottom valve

The valve bottom bulk bag is ideal for those requiring a convenient solution to control the flow of the product out of the bulk bag.

Open bottom bulk bags liverpool uk bulk bag FIBC skirt outlet

Fully open bottom

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