Octabins and Pallet Boxes

We are proud to be able to offer two additional styles of bulk packaging; the Octabin or Octabox, as well as the Pallet Box.

Ocatabins or Octaboxes

An Octabin is a rigid, 5 ply, corrugated cardboard container supplied in wide range of sizes with an optional inner polyethylene liner specifically designed to hold various dry products. The variations in height can give greater ranges of holding volumes. Its capacity is normally around 1000kg but the larger units can store up to 1700kg.

We also offer polyliners for Octabins and Octaboxes. 

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are heavy-duty double-walled cardboard boxes with lids, sized to fit standardised pallets.

They are designed to provide a robust protective packaging that is perfect for transporting heavier goods.

Octabins pallet boxes by Liverpool Bulk bags UK

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