Recycled bulk bags

We currently stock a wide range of used and recycled bulk bags. These can offer you a cost-effective alternative packaging solution, not to mention providing limitless environmental benefits.

Some bulk bags can to be used again and again providing they are within their manufactured SWL (safety working load) and are not worn or damaged. All our used/recycled bulk bags are inspected for defects and are supplied ready bailed.

Suitable contents

Sand, Stone, Metals (non ferrous, ferrous, gold, silver, copper, aluminium (ingots) Rubber, tyre’s wood logs
Plastics (HD, LD PVC, PVCU, recycled plastic, polystyrene)
Food (flour, pulses, shellfish, seeds, carrots, potatoes)
Chemicals, glass, clothes (house clearance or moving home)
Rubble (garden and construction)

Bulk bag recycling and recycled FIBC

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