These type of bulk bags are sometimes known as a builder’s bags because of the common style of open top and flat bottom, with four corner lifting loops.  As the name suggests, it is commonly used within the building industry for a variety of uses but is also well suited to many other applications. They are also known as ‘Tonne Bags’

Please take the time to view our packaging solutions range for inspiration and examples of standard filling and discharge solutions for our bulk bags.

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Suitable Contents

Sand, Stone, Metals (non ferrous, ferrous, gold, silver, copper, aluminium (ingots) Rubber, tyre’s wood logs
Plastics (HD, LD PVC, PVCU, recycled plastic, polystyrene)
Food (flour, pulses, shellfish, seeds, carrots, potatoes)
Chemicals, glass, clothes (house clearance or moving home)
Rubble (garden and construction)


90cm x 90cm x 90cm
85cm x 85cm x 87cm

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