Polythene valve sacks have an opening or valve in one corner through which the sack is filled. The valve is made with an inner flap which functions as a self closing check valve after filling. Sacks can be produced with either internal or external valves together with embossed strips and/or GUR finish preventing movement on the pallet.

They can be filled either automatically or manually with the main benefit of producing a square box type sack which sits very stable allowing you to stack many bags on to a single pallet.

Please take the time to view our packaging solutions range for inspiration and examples of standard filling and discharge solutions for our bulk bags.

Suitable Contents

Poly-valve bags are suitable for fine products such as plastics or powders.


Size: 15cm x 56cm x 64cm
SWL 25kg with 15cm valve
Made from 120 micron gauge

Poly Plastic Valve sacks by Liverpool Bulk Bags UK